Genoa vs Cagliari – Serie A

Genoa ended the previous season in 11th place with 46 points accumulated in 38 rounds, goal difference 45-48. He had a quiet season away from relegation care. At home, Genoa had 10 wins in 19 matches, so “Luigi Ferraris” is land that few bands can be imposed. Veloso Gentiletti or Giovanni Simeone came this summer to help Genoa to advance in the standings Serie A. If we add Ocampa’s loan from Marseille, we see that the Genoese had a really interesting campaign acquisitions. I’ll see who decides to send in ground Juric in the first stage, because in pre-season everyone gave little satisfaction, Genoa winning all friendly parties.

Cagliari is a newly promoted, but only after a season spent in “exodus” from Serie B. He finished first in the second league, with 83 points collected in 42 stages, goal difference 78-41. Cagliari had the best offense, but only the sixth defensive. So important it was to score a goal more than the opponent. Even if it comes from Serie B, Cagliari is a solid name in Italian football, with several seasons on the first stage of the Peninsula. Therefore, some great names are quite important. Isla, Borriello, Bruno Alves, Padoin or Ionita decided to continue their careers at newly promoted.

In four of the last five direct meetings, both teams have scored. And that was before both to discover “valences” so offensive. Now I think we have plenty of opportunities at both gates. Serie A started with many goals, so I expect a spectacular championship this view. I hope we see some successes and n Genoa – Cagliari.

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