In the regional railway Magdeburg fan “Hannes” dies after falling from Zug

For the first time in 26 years a fan has died in Germany after violent clashes. A Magdeburg supporter succumbed to his injuries after falling out of a moving train.

The 25-year-old Magdeburger football fan Hannes S. died in the hospital. The police confirmed this on Wednesday. S. was overthrown on 2 October at Haldensleben from a driving regional train after meeting a group of fans of the rival Halleschen FC. It is the first death victim in connection with Fangewalt, since policeman shot the Berlin fan Mike Polley in Leipzig in 1990.

Several local media had reported on the incident in which S., with three companions in Haldensleben north-west of Magdeburg, had boarded a regional railroad, which had some 80 HFC supporters who were on their way back from an away game of their team in Cologne. There were to be clashes, in the course of which, according to the police, the door unlocked. Whether or not he was jumped or pushed out of his own train, presumably for fear, was “still the subject of the investigation,” as the police reported. On suspicion of serious land, peace was broken and manslaughter.

During his fall S. had suffered severe head injuries, he had only been found one hour after the incident on the track and had been lying in a hospital in Olvenstedt in a coma since then. “Deeply affected and very sad” the Fanhilfe Magdeburg showed up: “We hope that all fans react to this news.”

The Magdeburger fan scene “Block U”, which also belonged to S., told her website that she “will not be able to support the team as usual”. It was also said: “Despite all the rivalry and the agitated sentiment, we call to the prudence of all the club fans to prevent any exacerbation of the current situation!”

There is a great rivalry between the fans of the two only professional clubs in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. It was only at the beginning of the year that several people had been injured in the fight for FCM and HFC matches.

On 26 November the next match between Magdeburg and Halle will take place in the third league.

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