Maxim again in conflict with the coach of Stuttgart. “Alex knows why not play”

Alexandru Maxim is again made headlines in Stuttgart, but this time not for the reasons for which they would like. Romanian midfielder, returned to the national squad after installing the bench “tricolor” Christoph Daum is in conflict with his coach Jos Luhukay, according to Stuttgarter Zeitung, and, therefore, does not evolve for Swabians.

26 year old midfielder has played just 12 minutes in the last match Homburg Saar, German Cup, which has outraged fans and Germans. This is more so since, after relegation team, Alex Maxim was seen as the new team leader, receiving number 10 and deciding to stay in Stuttgart to help her promote, despite having choice to leave.

“Why should I say why not play Maxim does not have to give explanations. Footballer know why not play … I wonder why such a fuss is made about it (No Maxim has not played much in the last three years), “said coach Jos Luhukay, according to the source.

Stuttgarter Zeitung wrote that “remains a secret coach trying to do, punishing the gifted player, and that makes VfB’s fans to express their frustrations on social networks. For many supporters of VfB is clear: it will not be long before the star of the preseason to get only book “.

In the summer after his departure Didavi, Harnik, Timo Werner, Kravets and Kostic, Alex was persuaded Maxim Swabian Team Heads to remain in Stuttgart, promising that he will be the new leader and the team will be built around it. As a first sign of their good intentions, bosses gave him jersey number 10.

“Everyone expects to return to year in the Bundesliga. And I want to help this. They gave me a chance when I came here in Romania. I have had some not very good periods, but people have always stood by me and encouraged me.

Now I have to catch as many games and minutes. I do not get money to sit on the bench. Can I play better when under pressure, “said at the time, Maxim.

Maxim was in tension with two other former coaches, since it is in Stuttgart. He entered his displeasure Huub Stevens, who has prepared the VfB between March 2014 and June 2014 and between November 2014 and June 2015, and of Armin Veh, coach of the period July 2014-November 2014. Huub Stevens pulled among holders in his first term, and Armin Veh publicly criticize him for not doing defensive phase, a period in which the German press praised him.

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