Olic suspended for sports matches for two games

e plays in the second league – and bets on games of the second league: 1860-offender Ivica Olic has been blocked because of the violation of the ban on betting for two games.

Striker Ivica Olic from the second league club 1860 Munich has to pay a two-game suspension because of unauthorized betting and a 20,000 euro penalty. The sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) denounced the 37-year-old because of a violation of the ban on betting for professionals. Olic has accepted the judge’s verdict, which is legally binding.

In the period from 26 August to 11 September, the Croatian has bets or wagered on nine matches of the second league with an Internet betting provider. The individual bets were almost exclusively in the three-digit euro area. He was not betting for his club.

“It was a big mistake, of course, and I took part in combi betting with my friends by giving them my credit card,” said Olic. “It was not just about money, it was just fun.”

“The sanction reflects the violation of the general ban on the DFB,” said Hans E. Lorenz, Chairman of the Sports Court, “It is also in the interest of the players not to go near a tampering spot by betting The case of Olic has shown no evidence of betting manipulations. “

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