REAL MADRID. Renovations will be : 31.4 million euros

Madrid 31,4M increases the payroll of the workforce. After expanding to Kroos and Modric you agree with Lucas Vázquez the renewal until 2022.

3,100 million euros annually by the Premier has sold its rights to Sky and BT go far. For example, to play the leading figures of the greats of Laliga. Madrid, Atletico and Barca have had to react and raise the salary to its strategic players, most of them with succulent offerings coming from England. Laliga revenues of 1,600 million a year (for three seasons) ensured. Madrid and Barcelona receive 140 per year. Atletico about 100. It is clear that they do not fight on an equal footing with English clubs (the least charges there, 75 million).

Atletico has a two-stroke effect extended to Griezmann and Carrasco, Barca Neymar just tie. Yesterday it transpired that Madrid has reached an agreement with Lucas Vázquez until 2022 (ended in 2020) … It is the white club who, in this context, has a more aggressive strategy. It will increase the wages of its workforce by 31.4 million this season, as reflected in its 2016-17 budget. The 31.4 million was distributed among Kroos, Modric (already renovated), Lucas Vázquez (about), Cristiano, Bale and maybe Isco (neither the club nor did he know if renewed, wants more minutes and ends in 2018).

The cases. Guardiola wanted to Kroos in the City. Contract ended in 2020. It was not a priority extend you, but Madrid had to turn up from 10.9 million gross to 20. That money also charge Modric, previously perceived something less than Kroos. Expanding Christian should not assume more money tab. Cobra 20.5 million net and ends in 2018. The question is whether to sign until 2020 or 2021. It will be Bale who the other big pinch takes. It is in nine net and wants to spend at least 15 …

The 620 million that the Madrid said revenue in 2015-16 (in accounts that are closed) leaves a wide margin for maneuver. UEFA coefficient recommends not exceed 70% of staff costs (all of the club, not just the first team) compared to operating income. Total staff costs were 15-16 306 million (first template 186, premiums for the Champions 38, Castilla 10 non-sports staff 30 Basketball 26 …). The coefficient is 49%, far from the 70% who wants UEFA and the cap of 419 million imposed on it Laliga. This cap is 421 million to 182 for Barca and Atletico.

The club had last season extra income of 82 million for winning the Champions League. There is a risk: if that money disappears once consolidated the increase in staff costs, projected at the club for 16 to 17 338 million (218 destined to the first team), the coefficient increase. For that campaign (16-17) revenues of 631 million is foreseen. Came to them, and the coefficient will be 53%. On the other hand, the Madrid resigned to sign Pogba not for lack of money, but because he wanted 20 million net and break the pay scale (the door call more players seeing the huge salary of a newcomer).

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